Computers have changed the way we do business.  Streamlining our tasks, taking care of our books and connecting us to the world.  When we have down time because of power or internet outages, business can come to halt.

Just like humans, computers need regular maintenance and health checks.  Updates to Microsoft Windows, virus scans and spyware can take time to run.  Remembering to do these important tasks on a monthly basis is normally not on our minds.  Like the old saying goes "Out of sight, out of mind".  We just never think about our computers health until something bad happens.

Viruses or spyware can infect your computer and bring your business to a stand still.

By Request offers Computer Health Checks for your computer*.  We log into your computer with our software, run any Windows updates, update virus programs and run full scans looking for Spyware or viruses.  This Health Check is done once a month with just a check in.

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