In order to have a website on the internet, you have to put it on a computer that is connected to the web. That computer is called a server. You rent space on that server and that is called hosting. Your monthly charge is to have your website on that server.

Our hosting service includes a lot of perks that most companies do not provide.

First and foremost we include personal service with every website we host. We monitor your website, making sure that everything is running the way it should be. We employ 24 hour monitoring of our servers, and our techs are always ready to keep your site up and running.

We also keep your site secure with SSL encryption. With monthly SSL monitoring we can make sure your SSL is renewed and always in place.

If you need email, basic email is provided with our hosting. If you need something a little more, check out our Enhanced Email Service.

Are servers are also located in a secure server farm, with redundant back ups of all data.

Also, if we see something that needs attention, whether it is in a user updated site or one that By Request maintains, we can call you to discuss how to fix the issue.

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